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GOTT is our registered brand name, GOTT brand of educational teaching and training apparatus are state-of-the-art products. The quality of GOTT brand of products is second to none. We also provide design and installation for “turnkey” projects together with training and support.

Our main products are related to electronics and electrical training programs. We are focused on software and hardware equipment for the educational sector. Besides that, we do supply Mechatronics  and Computer-based training system and many mores as you can find them at our products page.

At present, we are going towards green environment projects such as Windmill, Solar Energy and Medical training system.

Our products


For understanding the fundamental concepts in block diagram for basic & advance electronic & electrical knowledge & practical troubleshooting.

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The synergistic integration of mechanical engineering with electronics & intelligent control algorithms in the design & manufacture of product process.
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These trainers are designed to let the students to familiar with the operation, trouble-shooting and technology of the products.
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These trainers are designed to let the students to familiar with the operation, theory, servicing, problem diagnosis and trouble-shooting the key device and function in information technology.

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To understand the basic theory of analog and digital communication system and applications of analog and digital modulator and demodulator.
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It uses instrument available for testing circuits and the process by which the attributes or dimensions of some physical objects are determined.
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Propelling by a self- contained motor or engine & something that has to do with automobiles.
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A sophisticated program for the simulation of electromagnetic, electromechanical & control systems variations applications.

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Our specialization

With all these benefits, we intend to concentrate and develop the following categories of product in the near future.

The company also plans to develop another product called. Simulation for Basic Electronic interfaced hardware and software trainers.

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Green environment projects

Green environment projects such as Windmill and Solar Energy Computer-Based Trainer includes Networking and Radio Telecommunications Mobile, wireless & etc .

To in co-operate

To in co-operate with latest Automotive Industries.

Computer diagnostic with hardware

Automotive Trainer for computer diagnostic with hardware.

E-Learning with Hardware

Basic Electronic Trainer for E-Learning with Hardware.

Data acquisition

Consumer appliances Trainer with data acquisition.

Software integration

Mechatronics Trainer with software integration.

Products and services

Our products are divided into 8 main categories:

  • Electronic & Electricity
  • Mechatronics
  • Consumer Electronic Product
  • Information Technology
  • Communication
  • Test & Measurement
  • Automotive
  • Software

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Electronic & Electricity

We do provide Electronic and Electrical Transmission Training System.

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Information Technology

We do provide PC, Laptop, DVD Drive, Modem, Scanner and Printer Training System.

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We do supply Mechatronics, Pheumatic & PLC Training System.

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Our Certifications

Our company is a recognized MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) status organization with an ISO 9001-2008 certification.

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MSC Malaysia Status Company
Standards Malaysia
2012 Celebrating Malaysia’s Enterprising Spirit
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